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Increase staff skills and delivery quality through focused training.

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Talk to a member of our team to find out how CNSLTNT can help to make your team more productive and deliver more for your clients by improving processes.

How We Can Help

Is your team struggling to deliver what clients want?

A more efficient team will enable you to increase agency productivity, and bill more effectively.  We’ve worked with agencies in the UK and Europe to help with staff training and processes to improve efficiency and enable increased billing levels.

A more productive team means a more profitable agency that delivers better results for clients and stakeholders.

How We’ll Help You Increase Agency Productivity

When you engage with CNSLTNT, we’ll work with you to assess the current profitability of your team based on the amount you bill vs the hours that you deliver.

We’ve found that although digital agencies aim to deliver £100 per hour from their consulting team, the reality is that poor processes and a lack of skills make this hard.

Our consultants have worked in a variety of roles both inside agencies and also global businesses to improve operational efficiency and deliver better results.  We do this in 3 ways:

    • Ensuring staff have the appropriate skills to master their role
    • Ensuring that proper time management processes are in place
    • Improving the ability of staff to estimate work

We can help with all areas of your production and client services team to help them become more effective in their roles by managing their workloads better.

We look at how your processes work from sales through to delivery to ensure that proper estimates of time are provided to clients and that work is planned correctly.  We’ll assess the individuals in your business and create frameworks for training and development that will help them to do their jobs more efficiently.

Managing Clients and Managing Staff

Often the best way to increase agency productivity is to improve client relationships.  We’ve found that in a lot of cases, the workload agreed with clients differs from what is delivered.  We can help with assertiveness training for client services staff, and through improving communication of commercial goals within your agency.  We will review key ad hoc tasks that are often not considered during the planning process and impinge on billable hours.  Once we identify trends in this area, we will work with you to create improved reporting and communication to help address the issues and reduce ad hoc requests.

We’ve helped numerous digital marketing agencies grow through tailored consultancy and training packages.  Why not arrange an initial workshop to discuss your goals and find out how CNSLTNT could help your agency!

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