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Increase staff skills and delivery quality through focused training.

Freelance Digital Professionals

Struggling to recruit the right staff?  We offer flexible digital professionals to provide additional capacity for your agency to grow.

How We Can Help

Are you struggling to recruit staff in key roles?

Experienced Digital Marketing staff are in high demand, and finding the right people to support your growth goals can be difficult and costly.  We offer flexible, on demand capacity to handle key roles.  Our experienced staff can help with everything from overall client strategy through to individual pieces of work.

We can provide on demand support for key roles on a flexible basis, with engagements ranging from a single task through to 3 month contracts.  CNSLTNT can support your growth with the following roles:

  • Organic / Paid Search Specialists
  • Social Media Staff
  • Digital Strategy Consultants
  • Creatives including designers and copywriters

Flexible Freelance Digital Specialists

When your workload varies from month to month, having access to a flexible team of freelancers is useful, but often external staff lack an understanding of your goals, or have lower skill levels than required.  CNSLTNT have a network of highly experienced staff who have worked in large UK agencies on hand to provide support as and when you need it.  Our payment model means that you can benefit from industry leading figures as part of your team who can add real value to campaigns with first rate work.

Our typical rates for management level staff with more than 5 years experience are £75 per hour on a short term basis, with discounts available for longer engagements.

To find out more about how CNSLTNT can help you provide a better service to clients and add flexibility to your team, please contact a member of our team, and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements in detail.

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