How we can help you to grow

About Us

CNSLTNT was founded in 2015 by James Lowery as a specialist service dedicated to helping digital agencies grow and improve their service delivery in an increasingly competitive environment.

We offer a range of programmes that are designed to maximise the impact for agencies at different growth stages, and which are tailored to helping you meet your business goals.


Our team have extensive experience of working in senior roles within marketing agencies, and a wide range of industries. This makes us uniquely placed to provide “both sides of the coin” guidance to businesses aimed at helping them transform performance through improved sales performance, efficient process delivery, and enhanced service quality.

How we work

We have worked with agencies like yours at all stages, from initial growth and team selection through to acquisition, and can provide expertise across a range of business areas:

    • Process management and outsourcing
    • Staff recruitment and retention
    • Sales and on-boarding
    • Client services
    • Positioning

Our typical engagements consist of an initial workshop with your leadership team to gain a full understanding of your place in the market and your business objectives for the next 12 months. This is supplemented with observation of staff in key agency functions, and a review of your collateral. We will also arrange feedback sessions from your clients to understand their perception of the agency and identify opportunities with your service delivery.

We provide you with a detailed report of our findings along with actionable insight and a roadmap for change that will help you achieve your goals.

Ongoing Support

Many of our clients choose to maintain an ongoing relationship with us, using our services on either a regular basis to deliver mentoring or coaching, or ad hoc to participate in major pitches and annual service reviews.
Where there are skills gaps in your agency that cannot immediately be fulfilled through recruitment, we are also able to provide you with access to a skills bank to help you meet your needs.